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Are Australian childcare centres in need of childcare professionals?

Are Australian childcare centres in need of childcare professionals?
If you are from Bangladesh, Nepal or Vietnam and are considering a career in early childhood education and care, then the timing might just be perfect for you to head to Australia. Bankstown Community College Inc. t/a BCC Institute (BCCI) offers the right courses in early childhood care to equip you with the necessary qualifications to make your ambitions come to life.

Job prospects in Australia are good

As it stands, job prospects in preschools and childcare centres are good in Australia and children are in need of support in the classroom now more than ever. The Department of Workplace Relations (DEEWR) has announced a national demand for teaching and childcare professionals. This shortage comes down to a lack of qualified individuals in the field. BCCI can not only offer you an industry recognised, quality delivered course, but will bridge the gap between theory and the classroom to get you industry ready. A qualification from BCCI will improve your pay, job prospects and career opportunities, making you a valued member of the early childhood care community.

The possibilities are endless

If teaching is where you want to end up, but are unsure of where to start, an early childhood development course can be easily transferred into other education and learning courses and opportunities across the board. Knowledge and industry skills that will be developed in our early childhood development courses will become invaluable if you choose to study courses in middle years child development, higher education or counselling services in schools and learning centres.

Empowering younger generations

When you choose a career in early childhood development and care, you’re becoming an integral part of that child’s development and giving them the best start to life. As a trained, early learning professional, you will not only have a career which shapes and empowers the future of younger generations, but you will have a stable career. By training at BCCI, you can give yourself great opportunities for employment whilst experiencing the joys of working with children and young people. Imagine yourself waking up every day knowing that you are making a difference to the life of not just one child, but of an entire classroom.

Need to know more?
If you want to study at the BCC Institute, especially in Early Childhood Education and Care, get in touch with us today. Our classes are in-demand and jobs are often high paying upon completion of accredited training. If you're an international student from Vietnam, get in touch to find out more about BCCI, Australia’s childcare boom and the career opportunities that can be found right across the country.
BCCI Courses are nationally recognised and offer both domestic and international students everything they need to know about the industry from caring for babies and young children to emergency first aid training. Not to mention that studying at BCC Institute will create other opportunities for career progression and the ability to convert to higher education courses.

Are you ready to take on a highly rewarding and in-demand career? For more information on how to unlock your potential and release the best opportunities, click here.

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